About Sarada Cancer Foundation

Sarada Cancer Foundation is born when Ms. Sarada was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer at an age of 44 with absolutely no major signs of warning or family history.

The foundation is the outcome of her humble reaction to her Breast cancer diagnostic report “can we at least ‘Alert’ other women by making them aware”?

Breast cancer is claiming the highest number of lives among Indian and Global women and it is time that we ACT on it proactively rather than reactively. As per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) data, Breast cancer is currently the most common cancer among Indian women, both in terms of incidence as well as mortality, with proportional prevalence in younger age-groups being higher than the global average.

Unlike in the West, in India nearly 60 per cent patients of breast cancers are diagnosed in advanced stages due to lack of awareness and screening facilities. While many NGOs, Foundations & Government organizations are working towards this cause of awareness the number of Breast cancer Incident cases are swelling day by day

With a mission to ‘Educate the Educated first’ to fulfill the Vision ‘ Complete Awareness and Cure for Breast cancer‘, we at Sarada Cancer Foundation would be striving to build a better tomorrow and cancer free India

We Invite you to join the mission and help us all to save a daughter, a sister, a wife and a friend. It is time to Act and Take the pledge

What is our Purpose?

Education and Awareness

Despite Breast cancer rampantly attacking more than a lakh and half women every year, it still could not take the much needed attention even from the educated society. Many of us either would not hear about it or not be interested in learning and proactively acting on it as the FACTS around it are lesser known.

Breast cancer in India is different from that of the West. Here, the younger women are affected and more than half of them are diagnosed only in the advanced stages. India is losing its young ladies to silent killer Breast cancer as there is shortcoming at every stage right from awareness, detection, diagnosis, counselling, and treatment to overcome the disease.

Numerous studies done by various government and non-government organizations have suggested that by 2030, breast cancer will cause the maximum number of deaths among women in India than in any other country. The message can be taken more effectively when the Educated take the charge of the mission to mitigate this number by actively taking steps.

Message to Men

India is still a patriarchal family society and many women still are dependent on the man of the family for their needs. Even though the number of women at services and jobs are increasing, they still tend to ignore their body and health as they take up responsibility of daily chores of the family and therefore do not give much thought to health. As a provider to the family, it is time that every man takes up the initiative to discuss this at their home and responsibility to get their ladies screened. An important fact to be stated here is ‘Breast Cancer is seen in Men too and they constitute 9% of the total breast cancer cases’. Let’s pledge now that we would act responsible in arresting the cancer growth by detecting it earlier.

Let us create a breast cancer free society by Educating the Educated and that the men and make Indian women Breast Cancer Aware